Harper Welcomes Director Robert Adanto by Daniel Fernandez


This past Tuesday, actor and director, Robert Adanto, screened his film, “City of Memory”, at Harper College. The film is a documentary that covers  contemporary artists from the city of New Orleans. These artists in the spotlight all specialize in different media and express issues regarding their city like violence, poverty, and Hurricane Katrina.

The purpose behind the event was to provide an example of artists using their ability to express the struggles and history of where they’re from and who they are. “We hope that the students who came today, no matter if they’re in English, Art, or any course for that matter, can see how artists create in response to world events,” said Stephanie Remland, Chair of the Art Department at Harper.

“City of Memory” shows exactly how photographers, sculptors, and other artists discuss  issues using their medium as a microphone for the world stage. Jen Labee, a 31 year old student at Harper, said “I honestly came for class, didn’t think I’d be interested in the film. But as I watched it I actually got a lot out of it. I really understand where the Artists were coming from and how they felt. They were very descriptive not in what they were saying but in their art.” This is her initial reaction after watching the film. There were many works that speak about the events of Katrina but also about poverty and violence in New Orleans.

Robert Adanto is an actor and director and made a few films prior to “City of Memory”. He answered questions from the audience. They discussed about Adanto’s inspiration for the documentary, the process behind making a film, and the differences between acting and directing. He hopes “that they went away recognizing that there was a tragedy that happened 11 years ago now, but more importantly the power of art and how it creates culture, how it is from us and for us, and how it can be therapeutic… It’s sad how some schools say it’s not important when it’s the opposite. Personally, I devoted 11 years into making films about contemporary art and artists and feel that it is my primary duty to do just that.”

Adanto’s mission to discover and expose this realm of art and artists that exists to this day is proving successful in its objective. He interviewed many natives of  New Orleans and one in particular affected Adanto on how really tragic a natural disaster can really be. Adanto spoke with many artists in New Orleans and began to uncover the underground community of contemporary artists. Each one with a unique voice and a special set of lens.

Why Harper Students Should Vote by Brooke Ellis

This upcoming Presidential election will be the first time many college-aged students are able to vote. There’s a lot of excitement the first time you can vote, but many young people are wondering if they should vote. Only 45% of people age 18-29 voted in the 2012 Presidential election. That’s a shocking statistic that needs to change in 2016. Here’s the top three reasons people should vote.

1. Your vote does matter.
It is a common misperception that the American people’s vote doesn’t matter, because the Electoral College is the one who officially chooses the President. While there is no federal law that says the Electoral College has to vote for the candidate that won their state; many states have laws that make them. Even in states that do not have a law it is rare for an Electoral College member to vote against the popular vote. Therefore by voting you have the ability to sway the popular vote. When you cast your ballot your opinion is being heard and could affect the future of your country. Tyler Shultz said, “Yes, I’m voting because every election is important and every vote counts. I remember hearing in history class about elections that came down to one vote. If that person didn’t vote history might be very different”.

2. You only have one day to voice your opinion.
If you miss out on voting on Election Day you won’t get another chance for another four years. I understand we’re all busy, but this is our future. College students are some of the busiest people. They go to school, have jobs, and family commitments. However, it’s our constitutional right to have a say in who will be our leader. If we start giving up our rights we will have less and less say about what happens in our country. If you give up an hour to go vote on November 8th you will have a say in the next four years.

3. Not voting at all could be a vote for the other candidate.
Bob Lake said, “ No I will not be voting. I am not impressed with any of the candidates running”. While it is Mr. Lake’s right to choose not to vote. He should consider if he agrees more with one candidate than the other. The current front-runners are extremely different. Lets say you usually vote Republican, but you’re not Donald Trump’s biggest fan—this is a common problem many Republicans are having—if you don’t vote it’s like voting for Hillary Clinton. I know when just one person doesn’t vote it’s hard to imagine not voting is like voting for the other party. Think of it this way, according to Gallup 41% of Americans are Republicans, if half of them chose not to vote only about 20.5% of Americans would vote for Trump. Hillary Clinton would easily win the election. That’s why it’s important to stay informed and choose the candidate that follows closest to your values and ideals.

Harper Students Looking Ahead to Vacation Plans by Sean Dunerdale

Justin Clemenson loves his music theory class, but, like most Harper students, he’s already counting down the days until vacation. “Every year when I get to the final month of class I feel so much stress build up inside of me. Being in class all year with finals coming up and having band practice and work outside of class, I can’t remember the last time I had an entire day off.”

With college becoming more expensive than ever, more and more students find themselves needing to work to help with tuition. This leaves students with less time for themselves during the school year, raising the importance of vacations. It is proven that chronic stress takes a toll on your body and affects your immune system, sleep cycle, heart functions and mental health such as irritability and anxiety.

Going on vacation helps regenerate your mind and body and helps you expand your horizons, John Hessler who is a sophomore at Harper noted, “I recently went to Switzerland and it gave me a whole new outlook on the world by challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and assimilate to their culture by interacting with the locals.”

Matt Marocsik, a sophomore at Harper, highlighted similar positives of being on vacation, “Spring, summer and winter breaks are all important for student wellbeing. If you get to travel during that time I feel you have time to relax, reflect on what you recently learned in school and also learn about a new culture while improving your interpersonal skills.”

Students like Matt Marocsik and John Hessler have noticed a recent, growing trend among college students. Nowadays, many college students choose to either spend their vacations overseas or study abroad for a semester or summer course. Studying abroad provides a rare opportunity for students to learn about a new culture. While being in an entirely new environment, most study broad programs provide time for students to explore on their own, relax and have fun.

Some Harper students even think it should be a requirement, like Kate Syzdek who said, “Living in America, I believe our generation is nearly obliged to go and be the foreigner for once. It’s our job to change the stereotypes the world has of us that we are fat, lazy and stupid. Traveling has given me a new breath in life, it has completely changed the way I interact with my fellow Americans everyday, as well as become more aware of the challenges that many European Americans face.”

Studies have shown that students who either study abroad or vacation abroad do better in school than those students who have never studied abroad or been outside the country. This gives even more reason for students to vacation overseas or study abroad. Although traveling anywhere outside the United States can be expensive, the benefits of gaining a new perspective, expanding your knowledge base and lowering your stress levels far outweigh the costs of traveling.


Double Minor Hockey Podcast

One podcast wasn’t enough to be posting on here, so I decided to start my own. On the “Double Minor Hockey Podcast” I will take a look at the NHL and give some predictions/thoughts. For this first episode (due to time) I simply preview tonight’s two games, tomorrows Caps/Pens match-up and Bruce Boudreau coaching a new team. The podcast will be weekly, but with the playoffs, I may do quick coverage of the games every couple days or so. I’m sorry I’ll have to put you through that.

So, without further ado, here’s the “Double Minor Hockey Podcast”. Be sure to give it a like and subscribe if you like what you hear and give me a follow on Twitter, @sharkaiders.

Also, my recap of the Harper softball season will be online tomorrow and Cam’s Harper baseball recap will be up tonight/tomorrow as well. Sports!


No Pressure Podcast: Episode 4

Cam Parker’s ‘No Pressure Podcast’ is back and this weeks guest is Chris Emma, from ‘670 The Score’ and CBS Chicago. Cam and Chris discuss Johnny Manziel, Laremy Tunsil and what Chris would do if Kristin Cavallari left Jay Cutler for him.

Be sure to check it out here:

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Andrew Ladd Wants To Stay In Chicago? Only Way To Keep Shaw?- SportsCorner

Could forward Andrew Ladd still be on the Chicago Blackhawks after this off-season? The answer is most likely no, but there’s a small chance he could.

The Chicago Tribune briefly went over the possibility, with Ladd saying, “I’m at the point in my career where I can make decisions based on being in a good situation and at the end of the day, I don’t think it’s all about money for me. It’s about being in a good place for my family and being on a team that’s going to contend every year. You’d be crazy not to want to be a part of this group, this organization and we’ll see what happens.”

Now obviously he’s going to be a real tough guy to resign with the Blackhawks current cap issues. He earned $4.5 million/yr in his last contract and is due for at least that, if not more after being captain of the Winnipeg Jets for the past few seasons and finishing with 46 points in 78 games this year.

The Blackhawks cap just won’t allow for it though, unless GM Stan Bowman becomes a magician like last season and somehow can make it work. That will be much harder to do this time though, with a couple million dollars’ worth of royalties that Artemi Panarin will be receiving for his stellar play this year.

Also, next season fifteen of the Hawks players will take up $64.34 million of the $71.4 million cap. It’s projected that the cap could go up to $74 million, but it still won’t be a ton of help for the supporting characters on the team.

Honestly though, should the Hawks try to re-sign Ladd, even if he takes a little less? Andrew Shaw is a RFA this summer and it’s a very real possibility that he could be leaving. The Daily Herald says, “the Hawks could keep Andrew Shaw … if he accepts a one-year qualifying offer of $2.5 million.” which would still be no long-term solution for him or the team. I’m not he is looking for a one-year contract and if he leaves, the Hawks are losing another core member who was with the team for all three of their Cups.


Chicago Blackhaws forward Andrew Shaw

Then, in 2017-18, the team is going to have to deal with Artemi Panarin and Teuvo Teravainen’s contracts being up. Both are making under $900,000 and are set to make BANK. Who knows if both of them will be able to stay.

So, in my opinion, I think that it’s nice that Ladd is offering to take a discount, but the Blackhawks don’t have the money for it, and if they were to offer him something, he could get much more from another team that wants him.


May Theatre and Arts Event Calendar

By: Yusra Khan

Round off this semester with a grand finale of events around campus!

Art and Fashion Events

April 25th – May 12th from 9am- 4pm: Juried Student Art Exhibition – Come and explore Harper student artwork of various styles selected by a Chicago-based professional artist. Held in the Exhibition Space (Building C, Room C200), this is free and open to the public.

May 4th, 9am – 6pm: Clay Guild Spring Pottery Sale– Still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? No worries, the pottery sale will feature amazing items such as plates, mugs, jewelry, and more! Held in Building Z (Avante), the sale will run for two days, May 4th and 5th, from 9am to 6pm. Questions or concerns? Please contact Sam Rosby at srosby@harpercollege.edu.

May 20th, 2pm & 8pm: Annual Student Fashion Show – This showcase presents original work from Harper’s talented fashion design students. The 2pm show will include the Harper College competition and will feature design work by high school students. Tickets for this event will range from $5-$10. The evening show will include pre-show cocktails from 7-8pm and tickets will range from $20-$25.


May 3rd, 7:30pm: Guitar Ensemble Concert – Harper’s Guitar Ensemble will include duos, trios, and the full ensemble. The concert will take place in the Performing Arts Center (Building R). Tickets range from $10-15.

May 4th, 7:30pm: Jazz Ensemble and Lab Band Concert – Come and join Ken Spurr, a jazz pianist, recording artist, teacher and conductor who will direct talented students with music by Horace Silver, Miles Davis, McCoy Tyner, and more! Tickets will range from $10-$15 and will take place in the Performing Arts Center (Building R).

May 10th, 7:30pm: Steel Bands: Journey to Brazil with Special Guest Joe Sonnefeldt – Chicago percussionist Paul Ross will be performing with special guest Joe Sonnefeldt. The concert will take place in the Performing Arts Center in Building R. Tickets range from $10-$15.

May 11th, 7pm- 8pm: World Music Ensemble Spring Concert – A free event that is open to the community, the ensemble will perform a variety of works from multiple cultures. The concert will take place in the Drama Lab Theatre (Building L, Room L109).

May 12th, 7:30pm: Wind Symphony Concert – The performance will be directed by conductor Gregory Tipps, previously the band director at Schaumburg High School, who has also recorded commercials for companies like McDonald’s and Wrigley’s Gum. The performance will take place in the Performing Arts Center in Building R. The cost of the event will range from $10 – $15.

May 13th, 7:30m: Concert Choir and SPECTRA Concert – Join Concert choir and SPECTRA in the Performing Arts Center in Building R. Tickets will range from $10-$15.

May 14th, 7:30pm: Piano Ensemble Concert: Spring Extravaganza – Experience a live piano ensemble that will be featuring student and faculty artists duets, duos, trios and more! The event will take place in the Performing Arts Center, Building R. Tickets will range from $10-$15.

May 15th, 3pm: Harper Symphony Orchestra presents: A Very Grand Finale Concert with Special Guest Harpist Faye Seeman – Held in the Performing Arts Center, Building R, tickets will range from $10-$15.

Special Events

May 1st, 3:00: Festival Chorus Spring Concert Featuring Ann Espel and Her Professional Orchestra – The Harper Continuing Education’s Community Music and Arts Center will be a part of the Festival Chorus. The program will take place in the Performing Arts Center, (Building R). Admission is $12.

Harper College Library Presents:
May 2nd – 4th 1:00 – 2:00pm: “Classic Research on Rye” Workshop
– Learn how to understand your future research assignments, brainstorm ideas, and find the best resources. This workshop is a free event and will take place in Building F (Room F221).
May 4th, Noon: “Classic Research on Rye” – Building F (Room F221)
May 5th, 5pm: “Classic Research on Rye” – Building F (Room F221)

May 2nd, 11am – Noon: “Free-range Research” – Ever get confused when a professor mentions to credit your sources? No worries! This free workshop will help you make sure the online resources are not only credible, but also reliable. Bring in your assignments and projects to Building F, Room F221.
May 3rd, 10am – 11am: “Free-range Research” – Building F (Room F221)
May 4th, 1pm – 2pm: “Free-range Research” – Building F (Room F221)

May 2nd, Noon-1pm: “Plagiarism Salad” – Here’s a workshop that will help you cite your sources for essays and research papers. The event is free and will be held in Building F, Room F221.
May 3rd, 11am-Noon: “Plagiarism Salad” in Building F, Room F221
May 4th, 10am-11am: “Plagiarism Salad” in Building F, Room F221

May 3rd, Noon-1pm: “Spicy Citation Wrap” – Learn how to do different in-text citations with different resources including books and websites. The free workshop will take place in Building F, Room F221.
May 4th, 11am-Noon: “Spicy Citation Wrap” in Building F, Room F221
May 4th, 5pm – 6pm: “Spicy Citation Wrap” in Building F, Room F221

May 3rd, 6:00pm – 7:00pm: “Help! I Forgot How to Study” – Do you have trouble reading textbooks while taking notes at the same time? This free workshop will help you develop studying skills successfully. Please note to register ahead of time by signing up here. This event will take place at the Wojcik Conference Center (Room W218).
May 7th, 10am – 11am: “Help! I Forgot How to Study” in Building W (Room W218). RSVP with the link provided above.

May 4th, 4pm – 8pm: Academic Counseling at the Learning and Career Center – Here’s an opportunity to develop your educational plans and verify transfer information or consider new programs. This is a free counseling event that will be held at the Learning and Career Center (1375 Wolf Road, Prospect Heights).

May 5th, 9am – 11am: Small Business Financial Boot Camp: Understanding “The Books” – This workshop ains to help you keep business going and understand the financial aspects of a company. The workshop will show you how to use the primary tools of financial analysis. One workshop will cost around $50; $175 for all four workshops. Check out http://goforward.harpercollege.edu/business/sbdc/workshops.php  for more information!

Using QuickBooks to Successfully Manage Your Business: May 12th, 9am-11am
Managing Cash Flow: Your Business’ Survival Depends on It!: May 19th, 9-11am
Budgeting and Forecasting For Small Businesses: May 26th, 9-11am

May 5th, 9am-10:30am: Stress Overload Workshop – Part 1: Signs and Symptoms – Living with no job can be stressful and a huge burden, especially if you have a family to take care of while getting an education. Joy Anderson will head the workshop at Harper Professional Center, Room 119, 650 E. Higgins Rd. Schaumburg, IL. This is a free event, but please remember to register beforehand at http://harpercollege-at-wed-division.eventbrite.com/.

May 5th, 11am- 12:30pm: Stress Overload Workshop – Pt. 2: How to Handle It – The workshop will be located at the Harper Professional Center, Room 119.