Harper Reacts to Trump Budget by Chris Jo

On Thursday, March 16 President Donald Trump released a blueprint of his 2018 budget. One of the areas that would experience cuts is education and this will have a potential impact on Harper students.

Under President Trump’s plan, the education budget would decrease by $9.2 billion, a 14 percent change from the current year.


The plan eliminates $3.7 billion in grants for teacher training, aid programs to first-generation and low-income students in addition to summer and after-school programs.


The Trump Administration also seeks to “significantly” reduce federal work-study aid for college students. According to the Federal Student Aid website, roughly 3,400 institutions participate in program.


“That [the cuts] seems like that greatly affects the lives of many students negatively,” sophomore Demario Parris said. “It agitates an already tough topic with the high prices of getting a college education.”


History Department Chair Michael Harkins needed to see more from the Trump Administration before declaring the education finances a boon or a detriment.


“Teacher training is important, but what teaching programs are the Department of Education looking at?” said Harkins.


Harkins highlighted the intricacies within the budget.


“On a surface level, a $9 billion cut seems like a bad thing, but we don’t know how the cuts will affect things on a regional level, a state level, et cetera,” Harkins said. “What if wasteful spending is reduced?”


The professor anticipates that Harper College would generally be unaffected if the Trump budget was adopted.


“The College draws most of its funding from tuition and taxes, so I don’t foresee any huge changes,” said Harkins.