Captain Marvel and the Art of Nostalgia by Jon Paparella

Professor Brian Cremins of the English department at Harper College has unveiled a new book Called Captain Marvel and the Art of Nostalgia.

The book focuses on the history and stories of Billy Batson/Captain Marvel (now called Shazam) but also dives into the ideas of nostalgia in the U.S. and family narratives.

The Golden Age Hero Captain Marvel was an icon of 1940s comics. With stories by Bill parker and art by C.C. Beck, Captain Marvel had the heart and action every child of the 40s dreamed about.

Part of the books aspects on nostalgia are from Svetlana Boym’s theories. He uses the Boym quote “nostalgia is rebellion against the modern idea of time” as a corner stone for his studies on comic’s studies in the U.S.

Cremins uses Captain Marvel as his poster child by saying “I found that Captain Marvel spoke to my long-standing interest in nostalgia—how it works and why cultures around the world for centuries have looked back on the past with such fondness.”

Cremins hopes that this book one day will conjure up enough nostalgia and a “voice” within students and people around the world to tell their own story.

Ashlee Gniech, 20, a student at Harper College said “I’m really interested in a book about comics and nostalgia.”

A copy of Captain Marvel and the Art of Nostalgia can be found at the Harper College library but can be purchased hardcover online or at your local book store.