New York City Spring Break by Betsy Morici

A challenging part of vacationing is finding a way to cram, or  strategically roll your entire closet into a very small suitcase. Rushing to the airport one of the many thoughts in the back of people’s head is a whisper of a prayer “Please let the suitcase be 50 pounds or less!”


This Spring Break six fashion students were up to the challenge of packing their bags for a five day trip to New York City. Lucky for them Fashion teacher Mrs. Maria Saiki shared a few of her packing tips before they took off via plane to the “big apple”, “Pack light, layering is the best, and travel with a scarf especially in spring. Pack clothing that doesn’t wrinkle, a small umbrella and a good pair of walking shoes.” This year’s participant Linda Hernandez, who traveled last year as well with the program says, “ If you’re planning on shopping, pack light! But make sure you have your essentials.”

The New York itinerary  “that embraced, an educational point of view, cultural point of view and an inspirational point of view.” was planned by Saiki and included several opportunities such as exhibits, museums, meetings with companies and trips through different neighborhoods such as Soho and Chinatown, and even a broadway show.  “It’s all about the inspiration and the endless possibilities for jobs in the apparel industry.” says Saiki.


As the trip came to an end, these six inspired students had to pack up their belongings and new souvenirs to head home.