Harper Dance Team Expresses Itself by Elizabeth Krause

The Harper College Dance Company presented their yearly dance recital ‘Ascendance’ on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017. The Harper Dance team has been working hard all semester to perform this beautiful show.

Gaby Johnson, member of the team ,had a few things to say about the team and there upcoming show. “A day in the life of the Harper College dance team consists of practices every Friday, in the fall getting our dance routines ready for the basketball games, and spring semester is focused on our student taught dance  show.”  The girls of the team make up their own self-taught dances and put on a beautiful show every spring.

Molly Kresin, another member of the team, said what she liked about the team is “Being on this team has given me the opportunity to express myself and also been blessed to receive scholarships for doing something that I love. This team has also allowed me to take on leadership roles by making things for the team like the CD’s and flyers.”

The Harper Dance team is a very active group of girls who are always seeking new girls to join their team. The team does many fun things like dancing at Hullabaloo in the beginning of the school year, to performing at all the home basketball games, to their spring show in the upcoming week. Even if you have never done any sort of dancing, the team always welcomes new members and are happy to show the ropes.