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SGA Candidates

Online voting via Student Portal opens March 20th

SGA President Candidate

Alex V

Alex Valladares

My name is Alexander Valladares and I am running as President of the Student Government Association. I know that with my experience as a Student Government Senator, a Supplemental Instructor at Harper College, and as the Feminist Society President and Founder I can represent the students and best represent them.

With my experience as a Student Government Senator I know how best to use it as a tool to speak for the students and I know how to use it to create changes for the students. As the Chair for the Student Affairs Committee I have talked to numerous clubs and organizations and I have worked alongside the to understand and represent every student on campus. As a Supplemental Instructor I know how challenging and difficult classes can be on Students and one of my goals as President would be to support and create new programs to better assist students. As the Feminist Society President, I have experience of leading an organization and being a voice for the people that I represent.

I understand the hardships and struggle that Harper College students face. I am the son of immigrants and I am the first in my family to attend college. I work two-part time jobs to put myself through school. I understand the financial difficulties we students face and as President I would work alongside the administration to make Harper College more accessible and affordable. My goal is not to represent students that are similar to me, my goal is to reach out to every student and represent them and work to continue to build Harper College for the students. I believe that by working alongside Harper College’s administration we can continue to build Harper College into an accessible and affordable institution that accommodates and meets the needs of all its students.

If elected I will work tirelessly to improve communication and create connections between all the organizations and not just Student Government so that we can continue to be the voice of the students and create policies to continue to improve Harper College for all the students.

SGA Vice President Candidates

Lydia S

Lydia Schiller

The Harper College Student Government Association is a group of well rounded, leadership oriented individuals who care deeply for the wellbeing of the student body and the college. It is my desire to serve as the SGA Vice President because I believe that my particular talents will be an asset to the SGA and the student body. 

As an aspiring constitutional lawyer and political philosopher, I have taken a keen interest in government proceedings and theories of leadership. I have developed my view of governing bodies by attending three government intensives in Springfield, Illinois and two at Liberty University School of Law in Virginia. It was through these experiences that I discovered my passion for government involvement and the importance of quality leadership. Furthermore, I have developed my leadership skills through the constant study of leaders, contemporary and historical. I have had the opportunity to practice my leadership skills as I work as a supervisor at Chick-fil-A. In that roll, I have had experience not only managing teams of people, but promoting teamwork and influencing people to become the best workers they can be. In addition to these experiences, my specific skill recommend me well for the position of SGA Vice President, Public Speaking is an in which I particularly excel. For example, I received the distinction of Best Oralist from TeenPact Judicial and Liberty University School of Law in a moot court tournament last summer. Similarly, I have had great success in communication through the written word. Last semester, one of my essays was submitted to the Harper Anthology by my professor and this semester, I have the honor of presenting one of my works at the Honors Council of the Illinois Region 2018 Conference. 

While these skills and experiences exemplify my qualifications for the position of SGA Vice President, they do not encompass the entirety of why I desire to partner with the SGA in this capacity. I believe that the students of Harper College deserve to be recognized and cared for by their leadership. As stated in the SGA mission, the student body’s interests, concerns and successes must be advocated for and I hope that the student body will give me the opportunity to aid in that task. 

It is for these reasons that I am exited to declare my candidacy for the position of SGA Vice President in the spring 2018 student body election. 

Alex D

Alex DeArcangelis

Big dreams, average height guy. Hey, I’m Alex DeArcangelis and I’m running for Vice
President. I started off just as everyone else – my life was a cycle of attending classes and going back home. It was a nice setup but things changed once I started getting involved here at Harper. Participating in the Speech and Debate Team during my first year and getting a job as a student aid in our Admissions Office showed me the spark of life beneath the cycle of classes. The people here really do care about our school and have a passion for building on it. When you take the time to look, it becomes obvious how much people care for our school and are proud of being Harper Hawks. We are one of the best community colleges in the area, and I would argue that it’s largely due to the passion and drive we display. I want to extend that passion and drive into our student body. I want our students to realize that we have a voice and say on campus. I want to ensure that every student knows that they are a valuable member of our society and they can
bring the changes that they wish to see come true. 

You don’t like the color of the carpet in the J building? Awesome! I’ll bring it to the board. You wish we had more parking? Fantastic! I’ll bring it to the board. Do you want voice of students to be heard far and wide? Great! I do too and that’s why I’m here. I believe students that take the time to advocate for themselves and their classmates deserve to be heard and have their opinions taken into consideration. This is where I come in. I’m here to make sure that your message is delivered. I’m here to be your ally and hear what you have to say. I may not be able to make everyone’s dreams come true and I don’t promise to do that, but I do promise to be someone that listens and works with you to bring what you are passionate about to light.

Let’s work together and make a better future for us as current Harper Hawks, and for the future Hawks to come.

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