The only place to read about Harper College from Harper College students VOLUME 50, ISSUE 2 – MAY 2018

Student Government Officers Elected


Alex Valladares

In the spring 2018 student elections, Alex Valladares was elected as the new President of the Student Government Association. Alex has experience as a Student Government Senator, a Supplemental Instructor at Harper College, and as the Feminist Society President and Founder. In Alex’s campaign statement, he stated, “I will work tirelessly to improve communication and create connections between all the organizations and not just Student Government so that we can continue to be the voice of the students and create policies to continue to improve Harper College for all the students.”


Lydia Schiller

During the election cycle, Lydia Schiller was elected Vice President. As an aspiring constitutional lawyer and political philosopher, she has an interest in government proceedings and theories of leadership. She developed her view of governing bodies by attending three government intensives in Springfield, Illinois and two at Liberty University School of Law in Virginia. Lydia’s candidate statement stated, “I believe that the students of Harper College deserve to be recognized and cared for by their leadership. As stated in the SGA mission, the student body’s interests, concerns and successes must be advocated for and I will aid the student body in that task.”  


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