The only place to read about Harper College from Harper College students VOLUME 50, ISSUE 2 – APRIL 2018

Special Election for Student Trustee

Online voting via Student Portal open April 24 – April 26

Student Trustee Candidate – Lavleen Mal

L Mal Trustee Candidate

Lavleen Mal

I, Lavleen Mal Randhawa, strongly believe I am the most qualified person running for the Student Trustee of our beloved Harper College. I am currently a student at Harper, studying psychology. I have been in the field of leadership since my high school as I have served my high school as School Prefect/ Head Boy for 2 years. At Harper College, I have been the President of International Student’s Club as well as Student Ambassador of HLC. I always take part in Campus Activities.  I worked my way up from being only a committee member. In addition, I have had the pleasure of creating relationships with students, club members, and faculty members.

I have attended events and networked with many of the departments such as the career planning center, the humanities department, and the communications office. I hope to utilize all my knowledge, resources, and connections to do an amazing job as Student Trustee. I am familiar with this institution and I am ready to begin making changes for the betterment of our campus, our community, and our future. My strength is definitely student interaction with education. I am well rounded organized and a heck of a multi tasker. I am also a Medical major who will be innovative and get things done in an outstanding matter, like doctor find out the disease, and helps us to get rid of it. I am determined to excel all expectations and be a memorable Trustee.

If elected as Trustee, I plan to enrich student life on campus, as my main goal. I currently am part of a few clubs on campus, and hence I am aware of student’s needs. I yearn to make students life at Harper College delightful and a highlight life experience. I believe that making the recourses more upfront and easy to find will increase usage alike the private free tutors that we have on our campus that no one seems to know about. If elected, shining light on these resources will be one of my main goals along with many others like creating a networking event where students can network with other students with the same major and establish long lasting connections. I also appreciate that people come to me if they have any issue with anything, and which they think they need to talk about. I will be always there for everyone on as well as off campus, as I am strongly in the favor of “See Something, Say Something”. Thanks, Lavleen Mal

Student Trustee Candidate – Justine Pritikin

J Pritikin Trustee Candidate

Justine Pritikin

My name is Justine Pritikin, and if you are looking for a student who is passionate about representing the students, then look no further.  I am a Student Senator, the Vice President of Pride, and the student representative to the Diversity&Inclusion committee.  After being in Student Government Senator for almost a year, I have gained a lot of experience when it comes to representing the students to the faculty/administration.  I have learned a lot about various issues on campus throughout my experience as a senator, and I am ready to take things to the next level by representing the student body to the Board of Trustees.

As a Student Senator, I have worked tirelessly to represent the students.  Throughout this semester in particular, I have been mostly focusing my efforts on resisting Harper’s new freedom of speech zone policy.  As a proud supporter of freedom of speech, this issue hit very close to home for me, and for the past couple months I have been fighting back against this new policy in order to protect the student’s rights. This new policy disempowers the student’s rights to set up tables in the freedom of speech zones, while giving an advantage to hate groups who don’t want students to contest the freedom of speech zone whenever they are present.  As a student representative, I have been passionately doing everything I can to make sure the student’s voices are being heard on this issue, and I have already gone to great lengths to interact with the students/faculty/administration to ensure that the student’s interests are being protected throughout the implementation of this policy.

As the V.P of Pride and the Diversity&Inclusion student representative, I have also dedicated myself towards making Harper a more inclusive place for everyone.  After I joined Student Government in September, I worked together with two other senators to pass a proposal to get gender neutral bathroom signage for Harper’s single-use restrooms.  Student Government rarely has the opportunity to make a lasting change on Harper’s facilities, so I got involved with this proposal to ensure that we made the right choice of signage.  After carefully doing some research on other colleges, and even visiting some of our local community college competitors, I put forth some signage recommendations that will help cultivate a more inclusive environment for trans/non-binary students/faculty in the future.  These new signs will most likely be implemented by the time next semester comes around, but my work with D&I is far from over.  If I am elected as the next student trustee, I will remain steadfast in my commitment to represent under-represented communities, and I will use my influence to ensure that Harper addresses the concerns of all marginalized communities on campus.

I will do everything I can to empower Harper’s community, and I will not rest until the student’s voices are being heard by the Board/Administration.  I will help bring positive changes to Harper, and I will never give up on fighting for the student’s rights.

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