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The Importance of Getting Involved by Martha Rodriguez

After graduating from high school, the transition into starting college may seem a bit overwhelming. It is more than just a change in environment but also a change in circumstance. There is a sudden realization that the classes are harder, students don’t have as much free time as before, and the worst thing is, there is no time for Netflix! How exactly is it possible to have enough time to go to class, set time aside for homework, go to work, and on top of that, join a club? Well, there are many clubs at Harper that meet on different days and accommodate a college student’s busy schedule. Joining a club can benefit a student not just by meeting people but also in developing skills that help their future.

Sometimes we don’t take advantage of all the clubs Harper offers, whether it’s from lack of information or from not seeing the benefits of joining. During my English class, I decided to ask my classmates about the clubs they are a part of since I’m interested in joining a club. Out of the fourteen students in my English class, only one is a member of a club. Bernardo Sanchez is a Freshman at Harper and joined Latinos Unidos club this fall

semester. Bernardo told me, “We meet every Wednesdays around 2:00 pm and around 20-26 people are there to attend.” I asked him what they do when they have meetings and he said, “We have fun activities that help us get to know each other and come united as group.” Then I asked him how being in a club benefits him and he said, “It benefits me because I have made connections with people that could help me with anything.” Lastly I asked him if he made any friends. “Yes, (lol) I made so many friends because we might have the same class but also we have something in common like cooking, dancing, gaming and etc.” Bernardo plans for next semester to look for other clubs but also remain with Latinos Unidos.

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Harper has many clubs that can either benefit a student in pursuing their career or finding friends that share the same interest as them. Some clubs that pertain to careers are: Health career & Pre-med club, Business & Entrepreneurship club, Law Association at Harper, and Psychology Club. Clubs that pertain to religion are: Indian/ Pakistani Student Association (IPSA), Alpha Omega club, and Buddhist interest group. Clubs that are more athletic are: Harper college Dance company, Harper pom & Dance, and Harper Water Polo club. These clubs are only a few listed on Harper website under “Student Organizations”. Many of these clubs help students not to feel alone and lost; additionally, to find friends that might also be going through the same life path as them. Harper has a variety of clubs and even if none of the clubs suite a student personality, the student can start a new organization.

According to Bentley University, there are “12 reasons on why you should join a student organization.” Out of those 12, three of them are really important to me. The first one is “You’ll learn more about yourself.” Working or engaging with other students can teach you more about yourself such as your goals, strengths, and weaknesses. By learning more about yourself, then you can learn how to improve and achieve your goals. The second one is “You’ll get a break from your studies.” Even though keeping good grades and trying your best in school is important, it is also good to have a social life and interact with individuals that might have the same goals as you or the same hobbies. Lastly is “You’ll have fun.” Just because you are in a school club, it does not mean you cannot have fun and enjoy life; as people would say “You are only young once.” Another interesting article is by St. Scholastica College on the importance of community participation. They also give their seven top reasons as to why it’s important for students to join a club. “It can build your self-confidence” by joining a club it develops your leadership skills and especially communication. Another important reason listed by St. Scholastica,“It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your time management.” Managing time can be hard especially if you have a lot on your plate, but if you discipline yourself to complete priorities first and then have fun, it will help you alot in the future.

Overall, joining a club can benefit a college student’s life, not just by making new friends but also by developing skills that might help shape his future and even change his perspective in life. As the above paragraph states both Bentley University and St. Scholastica believe that join a club or getting Involved at college benefits the students. I definitely plan on next semester to join a club whether is for learning more about myself or developing my career interests.


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