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History of the Shoe Game by Sebastian Hernandez

When I was growing up, I can remember a lot of people my age or older wearing Jordan and Nike shoes. They were the most popular shoes there are, and of course there are other shoes that are popular like Vans, Converse, Adidas, etc. Most guys like playing sports, so companies like Nike and Adidas were the most popular as the produced athletic shoes to wear while playing any sport. Other people just like wearing these types of brands just to fit in with the style of a crowd they like to be with. Some people mostly like wearing shoes like Vans or some type of flat shoes because they are comfortable. There have been many popular shoes over the decades that Harper has been open, so in tribute to the 50th Anniversary, let’s take a look back at some of the most distinctive and popular brands.

Nike Air Force is one of the most well-known shoes there to this day; it first came out around 1982, and it was discontinued in 1984. They re-released the shoe in 1986 because they needed to change the design a little bit as a lot of people were complaining about how the ankle strap was unnecessary for most people. Therefore, they made another one without the ankle strap and went with the style we all know today. The shoe design turned 30 years old in 2017, and there have been a lot of color and changes over the years.

Another shoe that are very known are Vans; the company first came out in 1966, so Harper students would have been wearing them when Harper first opened. They were popular with skateboarders in the early 70’s. They first showcased them in their

Anaheim location in California, and a lot of people loved them. Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta created a shoe for that generation of skaters; they were blue, red, white, etc. They called the shoe Era, and their popularity has lasted through five decades. Many years later they have become more and more popular, and they have changed the design throughout the years, and a lot of people to this day love wearing it.

Adidas is another longstanding company that was established in 1924, but the shoes that became popular didn’t come out until August 18, 1949. In a village called Herzogenaurach located in West Nuremberg, the founder “Adi Dassler” began to change history. The Adidas shoes were designed for soccer and running shoes since soccer is very popular sport to play in Germany. In 1954, the German national football team faced the unbeatable Hungarians in the 1954 World Cup final; they won the match and so much fame.  That victory made Adidas jump their popularity out of control, and that was the start of Adidas becoming one of the biggest shoe and athletic apparel companies that is still successful today.

Shoes are an important way that students express their style and personality. Shoe brands have a lot of different styles for different people, which can be used as a way of self-expression. If we all had the same shoes, the world wouldn’t be creative like it is right now. From the 1960s to 2017, the shoes we wear right now compared to the shoes from back then have changed a lot, but some of the old styles still remain popular to this day and that just shows how much people love to express their personal style through different shoe designs; wearing an old school style may show that people today identify with some of the same ideas as the original Harper students and can bring people from different generations closer together without us even realizing it.

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