The only place to read about Harper College from Harper College students VOLUME 50, ISSUE 2 – MAY 2018

Arrive Alive comes to Harper College

On Wednesday, May 2, the Center for Student Involvement brought the Arrive Alive tour to Harper College to educate students on safe driving by exploring drinking, texting and other dangerous behaviors.


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Through simulation and response, students shared their driving experiences and explored the dangers of distracted driving. As the simulation exercises concluded, 57.7% indicated that they would change behaviors to never drive while distracted and not let others engage in distracting behaviors. Other results from this experience:

  • 96.2% students responded that they sometimes or frequently text while driving
  • 15.4% have driven while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • 48.1% have experienced or know someone that has been involved in a distracted driving-related accident

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